Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here's how it's going

We've been having lots of adventures around here. I'll try and remember as many as I can.
Last Friday we met up with a playgroup on Mount-Royal. It turned out to be one of the few gorgeous days this summer. It took us three bus and two metro rides there. Vanessa was a trouper. She loves public transportation. The scenery, noises and people. Not to mention the fun food I pull out.
Once we got there, we found Vanessa was one of the oldest. At the beginning she was the only one who could walk and talk so she got lots of attention. Then everyone opened up their lunches and she went crazy eating everyone's food. They wee all so generous.
Later on there was a mom and her elementary school son sitting up on top of the hill. Vanessa thought they had the best spot and went up to say hi and sit with them. The lady asked her her name and she answered. That's a big deal. Even better the woman understood her. Vanessa is a hard name for children.
Last week-end we went over to my parents for diner and since Vanessa was underfoot we sent her out for a walk on the mountain with Grandpa. She was so excited even with the mosquitoes until she met up with the dog across the street about 20 feet away. He barked at her. She came into the backyard and Grandpa told us what happened. Vanessa looked at me holding back the tears saying, "I'm ok". "I'm ok" I don't know if she was trying to convince us or herself. I picked her up and she fell to pieces. Poor little girl.
The other week we went to a bbq and there were 2 dogs there. They were very well behaved. They didn't bark or jump on her but she still climbed up my leg. She cried a little and then told the dogs not to eat her. After getting a little more comfortable she told them not to scare her. By the end of the evening she was telling them to go away which they complied to. She's growing up and finding her own strength.

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