Thursday, July 02, 2009

Canada Day

We had a great Canada Day this year. Vanessa and Daddy went over to the park where the parade was setting up. They came back to collect me and a stroller to watched it as it went by our house. Vanessa took it all in but got really excited when she saw a playgroup friend in the parade.

We came back after the parade and had lunch. Vanessa got a nice long nap and we headed off to the main event. There were train rides, bouncy toys and lots of music. Vanessa loved seeing a lot of friends. One of her playgroup friends was generous enough to help her up the inflatable obstacle course. Check out the video. I'm sure you'll be impressed.

After lots of fun we left to have dinner, get some warmer clothing and the bike trailer. We all wanted to see the fireworks and the Beatles tribute band. Truth be told once we got there it was only the adults that wanted to be there. Vanessa clung to me and wouldn't be put down. I put on some headphones to dampen the sound of the live band. They worked well. I asked her for the 5th time if she wanted to go into the trailer with her suce. She finally agreed. Once she was settled in there she was ok but you could tell the blank stare meant she'd rather be in bed.
We watch the fireworks and went home. We were a tired but happy family. I look forward to next year.

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