Thursday, May 28, 2009

This week just flew by

This week has been action packed in a fun invigorating way. The forecast was for a lot of rain but we didn't see too much of it yet.
We had playgroup on Tuesday and had a friend over after lunch and nap to play in the backyard. I figured that would be the only day we would be outside. Vanessa had fun showing Nicole her swing set, slide and sandbox. Hopefully we'll get to do that more often. It won't be this week though.
Wednesday we met up with Laura and Julie. Vanessa kept saying Joey but we don't know any Joeys. Ahhh Julie. We met at Kidnasium since it was half way and indoors. We were also allowed to bring food. It was lots of fun and we didn't have to watch them like a hawk since everything was at their level. It was nice and the location was midway for us but over priced.
It took a long time to go home since we missed both our buses. I bought Vanessa a treat at the Longueuil terminus. Nestlé DIBS are little ice cream bites covered in chocolate. So tasty and mess free... as long as you eat them asap. (while looking for the link, I noticed they now have mint!!! Got to try that!) Once we got back to the house at 3:20, Vanessa went for a nap. She was so tired that I got her up at 6pm for dinner. Good thing she was happy to get up and even happier to have dinner.
Today was playgroup day. We went and had fun. Vanessa now says goodbye to some of the kids by name. She's got 3 boys names down as far as I know and all the girls are Emma. Soo cute. Soon she'll be better with the names than me.
We came home and Vanessa asked for pea soup for lunch. Since we had some, I was more than happy to serve it. What a great lunch with fresh bread.
Well... Since it was raining, I wussed out and called Christina to pick me up to do groceries tonight. She was not available so I got off my but and rode my bike to the Loblaws. I went out there because they had things I wanted on sale and they sell the best pancake mix. Eric gave me a nudge by getting my bike out and the trailer. Once I was out I was happy to be riding. It's invigorating and empowering to ride your bike for errands especially in the rain.
I think I've rambled enough. I'll post more later.

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