Sunday, May 31, 2009

relaxed morning

This morning was low key. Daddy got Vanessa up and downstairs for me while I had a shower. Very nice break before he had to go to work. Vanessa ordered her cream cheese breakfast as usual. She spread cream cheese on her craft from playgroup and told me she was making a masterpiece. I'm thinking she picked up masterpiece from Word Girl.
After she finished she went over to the foot pump for the bikes and called it a pogo stick. I told her she wasn't allowed to stand on it so she picked it up and it turned into a guitar. She asked me to turn on the radio and find a song which sounded like a guitar and played along.
We hung out in the living room and read books and played magnadoodle. Very nice but it was sunny out so I thought we should take advantage.
We went for a bike ride over to Grandma's and rode past Kay's but nobody was answering so we rode over to Fruiterie 440 to get buns but Pagel's is now closed. We walked over to the Pharmaprix and put tickets on our bus card and Vanessa chose her tooth paste.
When we got back to the house, we got off the bike and the grocery bag flew into the wind where I couldn't reach it. Many Many tears ran down Vanessa's face. You'd think she lost her favorite balloon. We went in side for lunch and all was forgotten.
Vanessa' napping so maybe I should get things done.

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