Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lovable Vanessa

Vaness had a suprisingly short nap today but I'm glad I went in when I did. She had climbed up her dresser and reached onto the first shelf on the wall. That shelf holds all of Vanessa's coveted creams and shampoos. She had pulled them down and organized them on dresser. Surprisingly enough her room smelled but there was very little mess. I knew he had put some cream on herself because I could smell it but everything was closed. I'm one very lucky mommy that I didn't have to clean up a bottle full of something smeared everywhere.
On her adventure, she also found a Valentine's Day lollipop. I'd forgotten about it but Vanessa insisted we open it right then. I aggreed as long as we ate it outside. I'm getting wiser as she's getting older. The really lovable part was she kept saying, " I got your heart". That just made my day! She's got everyone wrapped around her finger.
We played outside a little and put up the walls on the gazebo. It started to rain and it was barely above 10 degrees so I had her come inside. She only had a raincoat and no sweater. I was cold for her so we aggreed to add a layer and put on rainpants but Christina came to the door and she got distraced about going outside.

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