Monday, May 18, 2009

Angrignon parc

This morning Vanessa and I took the bus and metro to Angrignon parc. On the way there Vanessa turned to all 6 people on the bus and said, "Everybody bumpy!!" over and over again. She was shouting in a playful two year old way and I'm sure everyone without earphones heard her. Vanessa and I went on the metro but this time I picked her up because last metro ride she went through the turn style and left me behind. I didn't like the thought of her getting lost in the metro and almost paid twice. Good thing it wasn't busy and the ticket operator waved me through her line.
We met up with Julie and Laura and headed to they play structure. They played a little while and we had lunch by the river. It was a beautiful spring day which was a welcome surprise to me. Julie and I talked about our current and past life as you would with someone you've known for over 15 years. Our daughters are only months apart and enjoy being together. Well... Vanessa and Laura enjoyed each other's lunches. :-)
Vanessa laid her head on the slide for a rest so we took that as a sign to head home. Vanessa was beat but there's very little walking so it went well. She had some water and a banana. Food always makes the trip more enjoyable. Vanessa held up her water bottle to the other passengers on the bus and said,"Everybody Thirsty?". So generous my daughter until she thought I was going to finish it and then she wanted it back.
We got home and both went for a nap. I was out cold for over an hour. I got up and Eric suggested he make sausages for dinner. I'm all for anything he was going to make. We had a nice dinner and parted ways. I went to swimming and he and Vanessa the grocery store and the video store. Eric put the wrong dvd in rental box so he went to fix that and I asked him to get molasses to try my whole wheat bread again.
Ohh the whole wheat bread... Last night at 11pm I realised we didn't have bread for sandwiches to put in the pic-nic lunch. Ok...No problem I'll just make some. I've been meaning to try the whole wheat recipe. I went through the whole recipe carefully noticed I didn't have molasses so I used brown sugar. No big deal since it was only two tablespoons. I put the bread machine on a timer and went to bed. This morning
Eric: Did you make brown bread last night?
Me: Yes? (wonders why he's asking)
Eric: It's a little light. (he's being polite)
Me: (went through the events of last night) Ohhh... I made the whole wheat recipe with white flour. It was closer and apparently I wasn't thinking clearly.

So, Hopefully tomorrow we'll have nice whole wheat bread for my peanut butter. Yum Yum!

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