Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Day today

Yesterday while Vanessa and I were having fun, Eric put up this hook board to hang all of our bags. Since going car free, we've been using a larger assortment on a regular basis. This keeps them off the floor. There's also hooks at the bottom where Vanessa can put her cherished backpack and her coat. It's not very stylish but extremely practical.

This morning we woke Vanessa to go to playgroup. She was a lucky girl and got both of us at playgroup. Daddy was free to take pictures. Since I don't have permission from the parents to post their pictures, here's a few of Vanessa. They set up an obstacle course for the kids. They had a blast but waiting in line was a hardship.

The picture of Vanessa is at the beginning of playgroup time. She takes a little time to warm up to the idea.

While Vanessa was napping, I set up my herb garden. Wish me luck. I know nothing except that they need watering. It's six different herbs. If this goes well, I'll expand. I love cooking with fresh herbs.

At the end of the day, Eric made us pea soup and cut up some fresh bread. What a beautiful meal at the end of a cool afternoon. Since Vanessa had spent all afternoon in her room and woke up from her nap at 5:30, I suggested that she and her daddy go play in the park. They had a great time playing with the big kids. She came back happy and asking for a bath. She now likes to brush her own teeth. Hey. We might be getting a hang of this parenting thing. Waite! I'm sure she'll change the rules soon.

Vanessa's expression of the week. Yes Sir! she's been saying it a lot with no sarcasm just enthusiasm. It's super cute like
Me: Vanessa would you like me to take your flower(dandelion)?
Vanessa: Yes Sir!
It makes my day when she's so agreeable. It makes up for her "No way! Mommy." Which I giggle to myself at.

Tomorrow's another day. I'm going into town all by myself to meet up with Christine and Kieran so we can buy bathing suits at a warehouse. Wish us luck. It's hit or miss on the selection and I'm hard to fit.

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  1. Anonymous8:14 am

    Love the pegboard. Way more pratical than the wonky mirrors. Good job eric. Pamela