Monday, March 16, 2009

Vanessa's TWO

Vanessa's 2! We've stopped counting in months and now count in years. I think that's because they don't develop as quickly now but not in her case. She surprises me regularly with new things she can do. Every day I hear at least one new word. So far today it's macaroni.
Vanessa is totally adorable. She's good natured and always wanting to help. When you finish your plate she always asks if you want more. If you say no though, expect to be putting your dish straight in the dishwasher.

Vanessa is only two but I still think I can manage a 25 things about Vanessa
1. She's very energetic
2. She loves food. It doesn't really mater what.
3. Some of her favorite foods are pizza, salmon, vegetables, fruit, pasta.
4. Loves babies. They get her undivided attention.
5. Loves to play mommy. Puts dolls on her hip to carry them also nurse's them.
6. She can count to 15 but starts at 2
7. Right on queue she's started her first temper tantrums.
8. Loves music. Changes her mood in an instant.
9. Favorite non children genre music is AC/DC and Led Zeppelin
10. Loves water in any shape or form
11. Started specking in sentences.
12. when seeing the M for McDonald's she says French Fries.
13. says cheers and lifts her glass
14. Loves Elmo and Sesame Street
15. Asks for Word Girl and Curious George
16. Fascinated with bubbles
17. Everything, even dirty socks, smells good and insists you smell too.
18. Loves buses
19. Always takes her boots and socks off in the car
20. says Bye! Bye! Take care! when you're leaving
21. Gives Daddy a kiss goodbye and insist that Daddy give Mommy one too.
22. Exclaims Go Go sessa(Vanessa) Go Go sessa
23. Loves stickers
24. must close all the open doors
25. more running please in a soft sweet voice when she's on my back.

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