Sunday, March 08, 2009


Cuba. The abridged version.

No more than 6 days after Vanessa got out of the hospital we boarded a plane for Cuba. We included Vanessa and her Mommy and Daddy and Kieran and his Mommy and Daddy. Vanessa was healthy and done her antibiotics. I was still recouperating but mostly needed rest and relaxation. Vanessa was pretty easy going on the way down. She played on the rolling sidewalk in the airport. She wanted to walk it running towards her. Pretty funny. We had President's Chice chinesse food on the plane. We got to Cuba at 9pm and it was a chilly 12C. No big deal since it was much warmer than the mess we left behind. We were guarenteed no snow while there. The first couple of days we just settled in. The weather was pants even for Eric. We took the oportunity to go into town and check out the sights. We didn't find anything exciting in Veradero but it was fun to ride the double decker bus.

Vanessa's trying to get Tim to join in.

There was lots and lots of food. I wasn't impressed at all. Quantity over Quality but Eric must have enjoyed something because he put on 7lbs. Vanessa was very happy to have iceceab (icecream) every day and sometimes twice. They did have high chairs at every restaurant and by the end of the week Vanessa was giving the waitress her plate when she was done and ordering her milk. Vanessa liked the park and the swipoopool (swimming pool).

She giggled endlessly in the ocean waves and adding a WhooHoo every so often. Her favorite part was the dancing. They had a disco for kids at 8:30. It was lots of fun. Vanessa's started following the dance steps. We didn't take enough video that's for sure but here's a taste.

As we know Vanessa love younger children especially when they're stapped into a seat. While wating for the disco activity, she went to a 9 month old baby and grabbed his cheecks to face her and gave him a big smooch. Priceless!

We went to the "Cuban House" for a break after the beach. Vanessa and I played with the dominos. Check it out.

Chris and I went out one night for Hot Chocolate with Irish Cream. It was really good and incidently the only alcohol I enjoyed. It was nice to get out and chat like adults and not have to use the eyes behind my head. Travelling with them also ment some time for just Eric and I. That was nice.

We were sad to leave the warm weather but happy to go home. The ride home was not as much fun but I did manage to sleep a little. I put on the baby wrap and cuddled Vanessa and she finally slept. Oh the joy! Daddy learned a valuable lesson. Never part a child from her food especially at dinner time.

I've covered the fun points I can remember. Enjoy!

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