Sunday, March 29, 2009


On Vanessa's birthday I was going to keep it casual since her daddy wasn't sure if he'd have to work. We invited Fred and Grandma Colby to dinner. We made them pizza. What a fantastic time we had making pizza from scratch. Vanessa loved rolling out the dough and topping the pizza. I'm pretty sure half went into her mouth but that's the good thing about this pizza it was all edible before it went in the oven.

Vanessa lit up the evening with her usual smile. Raised her glass and said, "Cheers!" to Fred. She opened a few presents and when wooo weee at each of them.

We all had a great time. Onto her "real" party.


  1. Oh my, she's such a cutie. Tell Vanessa we'll come over for her pizza any day!

  2. Anytime you and Leo want to join us you're welcome. we'll make two pizzas then.

  3. Ohh... and you should bring some home for Marc. Vanessa's starting a catering business. LOL.