Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vanessa's Amazing

She's growing in leaps and bounds these days. She loves people and especially other kids. It's heart warming to see her walk up to the slide at play group and push up a little one's bum on the stairs and say, "help". Today at playgroup it was a little louder than usual and Vanessa stuck to me for quite a while until I brought her to the toys. Just minutes before she was saying hi! to everyone taking off their winter outerwear. That was a smaller room with less excitement going on. She warmed up and by the end of the morning she was dragging me away from snack to join in the songs. I her favorite non CD song is "Sticky Bubble Gum". Today I realised I wasn't singing the right tune but V doesn't care. She's too busy slapping her knees and saying, "YYYuuuck!" at the end.
This week she came up to me with the small broken off piece of a Dove bar of soap. I hope everyone can imagine the half circle with jagged edge. She gave me the soap and said, "Cookie". I told her it was soap but she wasn't convinced so she repeated Cookie! and brought it to her lips and I said it was soap. She said Cookie one more time and licked it. V said, "Yuck!! soap." and put it down. She had to learn that one on her own. :-P
She's started to call people by their names in her own creative way. The list is still short but growing fast. Christina is Tia and Pamela changes as her dictation improves. Grandpa is Papa and I'm saving the best for last Baby K for Kieran. She's been asking for him a lot lately. She must miss him we haven't seen him in a while. About a week and a half. We last saw him with Christine but he was bundled under her coat. That doesn't count. Vanessa loves to identify his body parts, especially his eyes. She's quite gentle. She'll pat his head and say soft. Two weeks ago we went for a ride in the car and she often told us that he needed burping. Did you know that babies need burping when their asleep? So very adorable the two of them. They'll be great friends.
I've saved the best for last. On Sunday I picked up V from her crib after her nap and she said, "Pee". I asked her if she wanted to go pee on the toilet and she said, "Yes". Ok I'll bite. I took off her dry diaper and brought her to the training potty and she peed. Now I have no illusions that she's going to be trained soon but it's a good start. She seems to be aware and she's not afraid of the process. That afternoon I took off and bought her Curious George underwear and some fun soap to wash her hands. The next day we spent with underwear. No pee in the potty just messes so I'll try another way. Tomorrow I'm off to buy pull ups to make her aware without making a mess of my house. I'm also going to buy, an Elmo dvd to start this process slowly.
A new adventure for sure.

Too late to think so I'll say goodbye.

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