Thursday, January 08, 2009

Florida Wrap up.

On the Wednesday our adventure was starting to end. With mixed emotions we packed up and started our way home. I contemplated an extra day so we could spend at least one day at the beach but it was time. Vanessa and I took a nice drive from West Palm beach at the marina to Leesburg. We rented a car to run errands and be able to drop it off at the airport on Friday.
She made the trip easy by enjoying Ska music with me and then falling asleep so I listened to Podcasts for a couple of hours. What joy! Some time to "myself".
We had dinner with my grandfather and the next day we head off to Disney.
Vanessa deserved some fun time. We met my longtime friend Stephanie and her family there. It was so nice to see them since it had been 6 or 7 years. Boy do things change but somehow we were still the same. We joined them in their day at Epcot Center. They knew the place very well so we just followed. There were very few lineups so we just walked in where we wanted. We did mostly rides that brought us through fun scenery. Vanessa was really interested. At one point, I hit the deck when air shot out at me but she didn't flinch.
It was nice to hang out with other children even though they were older. Vanessa went up to Niamh and held her hand. They walked together. It was darling to watch. Vanessa was motivated to move from one activity to the other.
I'm sorry I was too busy to take pictures. We had a great time at Disney. We'll have to go back when Vanessa is much older and stay a while.

The next day we flew home. It was fairly uneventful but we were early and the plane was late. Lots of time spent exploring the airport. Good thing for the harness and food. Once we got on the plane I was exhausted! Good thing V and I got 3 seats. I sat on the end and just let her play. She was full of energy but was happy.
We landed to cold weather but warm smiles. Eric and our family was very happy to see us after a long time away and a difficult week.
I'm now ready for a relaxing vacation.

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