Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Time flies ...

Tonight is the last night in the crib Vanessa is come to know and love. Tomorrow V goes to bed in a twin bed. So many mixed emotions for me. (Vanessa is still pretty clueless) She's growing up so fast. I remember the panic we had moving her into the crib. Her cradle was too small and we had visions of her going overboard. When we came back from vacation we put her in a crib and the fears went away. She sleeps peacefully in that crib every night and for hours in the day. She plays happily by herself before and after her slumber.
She's a real toddler. She'll be playing in her room, making messes, having her own space. It's pretty exciting. Tomorrow I'm going to have to toddler proof it. Until tomorrow, she only ever spent time in her while I was there or she was confined to her crib. Soon she'll be able to open doors so we'll have to do something about the whole upstairs. Locks on the bathroom cupboards, the office door and some things put out of reach in our bedroom. It will give us a swift kick in the but to do some purging and cleaning.
There's also a good deal of fear. Will I be able to handle what comes next? How does one manage the "terrific twos"? When do you bargain and when do you lay down the law. Speaking of that how does one discipline a child effectively? Will we be loosing our blissful hours of sleep at night and alone time during the day. I love Vanessa to pieces but we spend enough time together now.
We won't be actively toilet training her. We'll adjust to the new situation go on vacation and see about toilet training then. She's still interested in the toilet process but doesn't have the attention span to learn.
Vanessa still loves to put a smile on my face. She likes to Eskimo kiss. She puts her hands on my cheeks to bring me close and shakes her head back and forth. We do the Eskimo kiss and I fake sneeze. She thinks it's hilarious and sometimes fakes it herself. She likes to take your hand and drag you into what she's doing. It's nice to feel part of her world even if you're trying to make dinner. She says new words every day and starting slowly to string them together. "Too Tight!" "Mashains" for Mary-Jane's.
Tomorrow's a very big day. I better go get my rest. I promise you will get pictures before the week is out.

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