Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a day!

Today Vanessa spent the whole day at MJ's. Eric dropped her off before work and picked her up after. Ohh the possibilities of the day child free! This has only happened once before so it was a strange feeling. I knew that she was in good hands though. I called after lunch when I figured she was napping. After eating a snack, playing outside and eating lunch she was pooped. The report was good. Vanessa didn't get into trouble and MJ was happy to spend time with her and see how much she's really grown.
After nap they played and then went outside for some more play with the little boy down the street. I heard Vanessa played Peekyou (peek-a-boo) and with his big toys. They both had a great time and wore MJ out.
MJ sent me these pictures of the day. I'm glad they both had a great time. Hopefully they'll do it again soon. :-)

While Vanessa was at MJ's, I cleaned out her room and toddler proofed it. I took apart her crib and put together her bed. I bought a twin loft bed but we're putting the "loft" part away until she is old enough.
Putting this together was not satisfying. Eric and I will be taking it apart on Sunday to do a better job. This bed is not unsafe but it's just not right yet. After sorting out V's room, I walked over to Zellers to get her bedding. I didn't like what I found so I took the bus over to the mall. (too cold to walk) Surprisingly, I found a fun comforter at Sears. They also sell bright sheets separately so she wouldn't get overwhelmed with flower pattern I bought her solid sheets. The good thing is I can buy an extra set later on since theCheck Spellingy're a sears brand. I took the bus home and made the bed.

Vanessa came home happy! We brought her upstairs to show her her new bed and the freedom to move in her bedroom. She walked in as if nothing had changed. We brought the camera to take pictures and she sat beside the bed and said, "Cheese". She finally tried out the bed but wouldn't get under the covers.
We had dinner and Christina came over. We all went upstairs to hang out in V's room. She was happy to have us all sit on the floor and play with her. Her stuffed animals went for naps but she was still not going under the covers.
Eric gave her a bath and we put her in her PJs. Initially she laid at the foot of the bed on top of the covers. I went to go get the camera and we read a book on the floor beside the bed. She now knew it was time to sleep and got into bed under the covers with her first pillow. I took a picture and she's been there ever since.

Here are some pictures of the big occasion.

Sleeping beauty... How much beauty sleep will she get?


  1. What a great idea.... buying the loft bed for later. The "fence" is perfect for now and in a few short years she'll be up high enjoying the view! I love how little they look when they first start sleeping in a big kid bed :lol

  2. Anonymous6:43 pm

    so, how much sleep did she get??