Wednesday, December 03, 2008

We Arrived!

We, Vanessa and I, left home at 6am yesterday morning and got on a plane for Orlando. Things went rather smoothly. I fed Vanessa the whole ride. It kept her happy and slightly distracted. Much happier than the airsick child in front in first class.

My grandfather picked us up at the airport and we came here for a nice lunch. I figured that after all that time Vanessa was ready for a nap. She said, "No Way" I let her out after 1 hour of winning and crying.

We had a great BBQ dinner and hung out and Vanessa had a fun bath and went to bed. She was a sleep in 2 minutes. Yippy! I was in bed shortly after. 8:45. It was a good day but very very long.

Today was fun. We all went shopping, came home for lunch and Vanessa had a long nap which we both appreciated. Vanessa got her own tricycle. She thought it was pretty great. I do to. It was fun in the quiet streets of this gated community.

The handle in the back is for steering on the busy streets. She's about 1/2 inch too short to peddle. By the time spring comes, she'll be perfect to ride to the park.


  1. Grandma10:15 pm

    She needs blocks for her pedals

  2. Christina10:50 am

    Fantastic. She's got a cool ride.