Friday, December 05, 2008


We're having great fun. We've settled into a schedule just in time to leave for the boat and start all over. Sure makes things interesting. We've been getting up at 6:30! Super early for Vanessa. She's been going, going, going, until a nap after lunch. We play, shop, we eat, and we nap. The afternoon is the warmest and that's when we go swimming. The water's heated but the air is still 23C. That's great for playing and walking.
We've been eating really well until we decided to go out for dinner. It was horrible. I had the best meal because I ordered a salad. Vanessa loved her quesadilla but I wasn't impressed with it. My grandfather returned his prime rib. They had no idea how to serve that. I did love the unsweetened iced tea.

Here are some pictures that my grandfather took. Vanessa especially loved playin in the stairs. No shortage of people to entertain either.
Check me out in my bathing suit. I'm on diet break but 40 lbs off 40 to go. (ideally)

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