Friday, December 05, 2008

I love Tilley

On Sunday before we left, Eric got my Tilley out from the shed where I had forgotten it to find that it was full of mildew. I didn't deal with it on Sunday. Silly me. On Monday, I went on the Tilley site to see how to wash it. I checked out the warranty and saw that they covered mildew Return the hat by mail for a new one. No questions asked. Yippy!! I called the local store to see if they would do the exchange since I would get it on time for my trip and not pay postage. They said no problem. Very exciting. So I checked out many possibilities on how to get to the Dix30 on a day when Eric took the car to work and they closed at 6pm. Finally, I decided to bicycle with V in tow. December 1st and I'm ridding my bike. I hadn't ridden in a while so I felt it. It was 5C and grey. I dressed up and actually overheated. V didn't even need mitts. When I got there I asked if I could exchange it and they asked what was all over the hat. Mildew of course. They took it in and I picked out a new hat since they don't have that exact model. I'm even happier with this new!
I'm sure you'll be seeing pictures later with me sporting my new lid.

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