Sunday, December 07, 2008

Trip down to the boat

We're still haveing a good time. Thursday night though... Vanessa must have thought something was up because she wouldn't go to sleep. I think she finally went to sleep at 12:30. She did however "sleep in" until 7am. I had packed up our stuff for the boat and gathered all the little bits and peices and made sure that Vanessa had enough food for the trip down to Indiantown. This little town is where my parent's boat Voila! is. It's a 3 hour drive. We had food, Vanessa was strapped in and was all ready to go then I checked to make sure I had my iPod. Vanessa doesn't travel well without her music. So I looked. I ripped apart all of our packed bags for 20 minutes to find out I had put it in a really safe place. It was up front with me in the all important snack bag. Vanessa must have known what I was doing was important because she sat patiently.
The trip went smoothly. 3 hours and no stops or screeming. She even went for 45minutes without music. Just the sound of her own voice.
We meet my parents on the boat. They were happy to see us. They had been working hard to tidy the boat and give us a birth. They have a nice set up with the car parked right beside the boat. Awesome when you're working and provisionning the boat.
Vanessa did lots of exploring. She walked me around and around the deck. She looks like a real adventurer. She has a great hat with a wide brim and a tie under her chin. She wears her lifejacket like it was nothing. I brought a caribeener and clipped her snack trap to it. It gives her free hands. She doesn't even hold it to get a snack. She just puts her hand in.
We've been meeting new people. There are a lot of grandparents who are thrilled at the site of a toddler. The average age at the marina is 55 or so.
Vanessa was getting a little cranky and with all the goings on I didn't think a nap was going to work so we head into town for a few things. In town means a 20 minute drive. So she had time to relax a little. We went to Wallmart and Vanessa got another Christmas present. Grandma and I adopted a new girl named Patricia. She was born in a cabbage patch. Vanessa got her out in the car and ripped off her clothing. Grandpa has named her Patricia the stripper.
At the marina, we participated in a pot-luck. Everybody except us brought nice home cooked food. We brought a apple-cheese store bought platter. It was lots of fun but really busy. There was no place to sit so we brought the food back to the boat. At this point our little trouper was fading fast. She was spacing out. I'd never seen that before. She mostly did it when Grandpa was holding her. She was sitting beside Grandma and Great-Grandpa told her not to do something and her bottem lip started going. That was my cue to put her too bed. I got her ready, openned the tent and she climbed right in at 7:10 and slepted until 7 this morning. It was heaven for everyone.
pictures to follow when I figure out how

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