Saturday, November 08, 2008


Vanessa is still getting cuter and cuter. I'd just like to take down / share some things she does. She loves to clop around the house in whoever shoes are about. They each make their own sound and have different challenges to walk in. So funny. Vanessa asks for Daddy all the time. Even when he's in the room she points. "Daddy!". She'll repeat a word over and over until you repeat it. Sometime I wonder where she learns Spanish. She points at things and says, "Que". until you tell her what it is. Once you tell her, she agrees with you. Yup! She's got a new ways to ask for your attention. She opens and closes her hand towards her and says, "bere". It's from me always gesturing and saying, "come here". She also grabs you hand and walks you over to something. She has this impression if you're there she can get away with anything.

Oh my these cheeks are heavy!

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