Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween 2008-Butterfly

Vanessa and I go to a play group twice a week. She has a great time running around playing and hanging out with the other kids. Sometimes she joins in with the songs and that's always cute to see her do some of the actions and clap at the end. Today we had a Halloween party. Vanessa was unsure of the situation. Everyone had costumes on and the toys weren't out and the place was decorated. There were more kids than usual so with all that Vanessa hid under the slide for a while while she got her bearings. It didn't take long before she got out and played like her old self.

Vanessa was in heaven when the food came out. She had a huge snack. She had a plate full of food and went back for seconds. She ate so much she didn't have lunch but we did have dinner early. She had lots of healthy food but her favorite were the Cheetos. I got the wipes out right after snack.
On Tuesday the kids made trick or treat bags. Today they had a mock trick or treat. Vanessa wasn't sure what the fuss was about but once they put candy in her bag she walked of to a quieter place sat down and checked out her loot. She pulled off the wrapper from the lolly pop so I let her have it. It was grape flavour and she loved it. She sucked and drooled with it in her mouth all the way home. She wasn't impressed when I took it away to clean her hands before nap. That didn't last long because she loved playing in the soap and water.

Tomorrow we'll be dressing up for the actual day. Not sure what we're going to do though.

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