Thursday, October 30, 2008

Miss Manners

Vanessa is learning new words fast. Most of the words are single syllables and need an interpreter to understand. She says "more" but it sounds like "bore". I've been waiting a long time to here her say Mommy. I'm going to have to settle for the sporadic. Bobby. She says Da and Pa for Daddy and Grandpa. I wonder what's next. Today she pointed out circles, squares and a star. I know it's all small stuff but it surprises me no less.
For the past week, Vanessa's had a new word. I didn't prompt her to use it so I was shocked when I realized she was saying Sorry. This morning Eric was getting ready to leave and Vanessa opened the gate to get by and she blocked his way and said Sorry. She is a little fuzzy on the concept still because she'll throw things on the floor and say sorry.
We've started asking her to say please. It works like a charm because she's so happy to use her new words on anyone. This afternoon she handed me her cup and said Bore Please. It's progress!

Kieran, Christine and Tim stopped by today to hang out. Vanessa loves her little cousin. She gets really close with her eyes really wide to soak him all in. She kisses him and touches his head and says Soft. It's so adorable. I'm glad that she's old enough to be gentle with him and to young to pick him up. When he cries she puts her hands out to hold him. She's to small but it's sooo sweet. I look forward to seeing them grow up together.

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