Friday, November 14, 2008

Babywearing over the months

I love to wear my daughter. She's now 20 months old and I still wear her in a mei tei or a sling. I must admit it is getting harder with the winter coming. My first love with baby wearing came from the stretch wrap. I couldn't see how anyone could do without. My daughter, Vanessa could watch the world go by or nap as she saw fit. It was wonderful having her close for her and me. I could go anywhere with her, for a walk on the mountain, to the grocery store, to parties and even small boutique stores where a stroller would be impossible.

She's just had too much and takes a nap. She didn't nap on her own until 6 months so this was a life saver

We went for a walk around the campsite. The leaves were rustling in the wind and the sun was shining through them. Vanessa was taking it all in.

Even as she got older she still napped in the wrap.

Here we are getting out to play some mini-put.

Vanessa's hanging out doing the tourist thing.

I did skip a step in my babywearing trip. I have a ring sling which I use a fair bit. It's faster to put on than the wrap or the mei tei and does not get stuck in the wet in winter. Soon enough Vanessa will be too big to be worn but I'm glad I've had a chance to document it. Babywearing keeps Vanessa very happy. She feels secure and involved in the activities. I find she's a very independent toddler now and I like to think that's because of the babywearing.

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