Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

(it's a long story and not pretty so beware)
On Thursday, Vanessa came down with the stomach flu. I thought maybe it was my cooking but after a horrible diaper a couple of hours later, I realised we were in for it. Over all Vanessa is handling it very well. She sure isn't sparkling self but I don't mind the extra cuddling.
On Friday morning of my birthday Eric went upstairs to get Vanessa and then called for back up. She through up in the night so we ran a bath for her and cleaned her sheets. She was happy to play in the bath. After cleaning up I brought her downstairs for breakfast but she wasn't hungry. I was happy to see her drink a lot of water.
She was doing ok so I put her down for a nap later and left her with Pamela while Kay spoiled me at the spa. I had a great time relaxing. I tried not to think about Vanessa. I knew if Pamela ran into trouble Eric could come home. I tried out the sauna and the baths and went for a full massage. I was so relaxed. Since Vanessa had the flu and we were running low on laundry detergent, Kay took me to Walmart. I started feeling nauseous but chalked it up to a good spa day. I went home and Vanessa greeted me with "Mommy". What a perfect gift! She was happy to see me and I her. Things went well with Pamela. I had some fresh bread. MMmmm.
Good think I went straight home because it was my turn for the flu. Pamela was nice enough to cook us dinner since we were staying in for Vanessa but I unfortunately didn't have any. Eric put it in the freezer to eat soon. He says it was really good.
I had a really rough night but I feel much better this morning. Just trying to get my energy back.
This year I was actually getting a birthday party which I had to cancel. Thanks everyone anyway maybe later. So to recap. I've never felt so good, having a massage and so bad in the washroom on the same day. At least this year is memorable. Vanessa waiting for my birthday to clearly say "Mommy" was the highlight!

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