Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Season in a nutshell

This fall is going to be really busy but I'm so looking forward to it. Playgroup has started again this week. Vanessa changed so much over the summer. She's walking and able to hold her own. I can relax a little and just watch and play when I want to. So much more relaxing. We've been biking home and getting home much faster than by foot. Hopefully we've got at least another month of cycling.
The first day I was helping clean and I lost sight of her. What a panic. I asked around and nobody had seen her. She'd walked out of the room and up the stairs. She loves stairs but she's still very cautious. For now she'll only go up on her own.
She's still not into the crafts. It's more fun to play with the glue and rip the pieces off. Maybe in the Spring. She loves the other kids but especially the babies. She's still has no concept of sharing but mostly the kids steal from her and not vice-versa.
Vanessa dances, claps and sometimes sings at song time. So much fun! She does the actions to "If you're happy and you know it".
Vanessa and Daddy are back at swim class. This class makes everyone very happy. Vanessa loves the water. Daddy loves time with Vanessa and Mommy loves time to herself! She follows instruction better now so she blew bubbles this time. She usually just drinks it. Yuck. pool water. Tonight I saw her in her bathing cap. Boy is that funny looking.
I've gone back to my Aquafit. I love this class. The teacher is fantastic and it's an exercises that gets all my muscles moving unlike any other sport I've tried. I'm on the hunt for a smaller bathing suit online *shiver* since they're not in stores anymore. I'm really hard to fit so hopefully I can return them.
Curling season is also upon us. This year Eric and I are both curling. We haven't worked out the logistics yet. We won't be playing on the same night since V isn't a latch key kid yet but she's probably going to see me curl a lot.

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