Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fete des Enfants

Every year the city of Montreal holds "Fete des Enfants". It's a huge event where children from 18months to about 14 would have a great time. There were literally hundreds of activities. Vanessa took part in a few but mostly had a blast checking out all the people and getting really close hoping someone would share their ice cream.
We took off early in the morning on our bikes. Since it was at Parc Jean-Drapeau, that was the best way to go. We could take more with us than by metro and it was much more convenient than by car.
When we got there we scouted out the area. We found all the older kid activities and thought. Hmm maybe this wasn't for us...but since we biked and brought our pic-nic lunch it was going to be fun no mater what. We met up with friends and head off in the other direction. Yippy! activities geared towards toddlers. There were obstacle courses and a road course in your choice of cars. It was really well thought out. We had lunch in the trees on the grass. That's got to be the best way to lunch in the summer. We hung out and dipped our feet in the huge fountain. We could sense Vanessa was going to crash. On our way to the bikes we got a call that our friends were leaving by metro picking up the car and heading to DQ. We couldn't pass that up so we got to our bikes and hooked everything up and left to DQ. Vanessa didn't make it out of the park before she was fast asleep. With Eric's bike issues ( brake was on the trailer/ his wheel making clicking noises) we got to the DQ first. That certainly made us happy that we biked.
Once we got to DQ, we waited for our friends and ordered ice cream. Vanessa was so tired she slept through the whole thing and woke up a couple of minutes before getting home.
We will definitely be going back next year. So come meet us for lunch!

Vanessa eats in style. No sitting in the grass for her. She got her own table.

Cool obstacle course for toddlers. It will be more fun next year when she can do it on her own.
Mommy's taking a break from running after Vanessa and Vanessa gets a new view. Daddy swears she was happy up there.

Vanessa thought that sitting in the middle of the path was a great place to have a rest and a bite.

Vrooom! Vrooom!

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