Thursday, July 03, 2008

What goes in her mouth?

Vanessa loves all sorts of food. Lately we've been snacking on raisins. Mmm... Just like candy. I love it because it keeps well in the diaper bag. She loves salmon, spaghetti, most chicken and many fruits. She's not all that keen on vegetables. She now likes to dip her food and suck on the dip like ketchup or sweet and sour sauce or salad dressing. Sometimes it gets her to eat more veggies.
Things she doesn't like are pineapple, strawberries and meat that's hard to chew. Hopefully she'll change her mind as she grows up but this is a really short list so I'm one happy mommy.
Strange things she likes. She loves rocks. I catch her all the time tasting them. The other day I saw her dip her chalk into standing water and stick it in her mouth. YUCK. More than once. She loves to eat chalk. Today was the best. We were outside and I saw her chewing on something. I had her open her mouth and pulled out a snail shell. I'll have to tell her later that she has a thing for escargot.
It's funny because she only explores with her mouth outside. She doesn't really put toys in her mouth. I guess she's figured out what plastic and material tastes like and has moves on.

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