Thursday, July 03, 2008

Vanessa in her Chariot.

It's been pretty windy these past couple of days so we gave our bikes a rest and went for a walk on Mount-Bruno. Since it was breezy the bugs weren't to bad. Vanessa was travelling in her screened in Chariot. What luxury! She likes it in there. There's room for a drink and some toys. I love the fact that it's all contained and I can't loose anything.

We stopped in the field by Lac du Moulin to stretch Vanessa's legs and have a snack. Well Daddy ate Vanessa's snack. Raisins and crackers.

Vanessa is saying "hi" and "bye". She does it on her own schedual. Not when people are coming and going. Never the less it still makes us smile so I'll share it with you.

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