Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Our baby is a toddler now. She's so much more independent now that she can walk where she wants. Vanessa is also trying to communicate more and more. It's a slow process but we'll get there. She's got new signs this week. She learned "drink" which looks like "flower" so we weren't sure. She did it a couple of times and then slurped loudly. As to say, come on guys it's obvious. She knows the sign for "more" but we're working on what it means. Yesterday she kept asking for more fruit. It was very exciting.
This morning Vanessa surprised us with "Daddy" but instead of tapping her thumb she taps her index. "Duhhh! my daddy's dumb." I couldn't stop laughing which made us all laugh. I'm still waiting for Mommy.
She's much more affectionate these days. She'll climb up on us and rest her head on our shoulder for about 10 seconds and go back to play. She loves to give kisses. It's funny because it's not a real kiss unless you make the sound.

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