Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Shed

We've been talking about a new shed for a while. They've gone from some boxes to put odd and ends in to building the garage of our dreams and reorganizing the back yard. When I seriously looked at them online I found one that meet our needs perfectly. It's not fancy but it does the trick. It's 7X10.5 which goes at the end of our driveway up against the fence. Yippy. Fits perfecty and it has a door on each end. Right now it holds our bikes, the Chariot trialer and our strollers. That gets our stroller out of the front entrence.
We found this at Rona on the scratch and save days. We got 5% who hoo! We had it shipped with "Ronald Transport". Early Saturday morning.
Eric went off and took Vanessa to swimming and came back to assemble the shed. Pamela came over to watch Vanessa so I could help. Eric had it mostly undercontrol until the blasted roof. I've never heard so many choice words out of Eric's mouth.
It's all set up and pretty sturdy for a Rubbermaid box.

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