Monday, April 21, 2008

Eric's Birthday

This year we celebrated Eric's birthday in a big way. Six of us, plus Vanessa, rented my uncle Tim's chalet up in Tremblant. What a beautiful place. It would be a great place to hybernate in the winter.
We went up on Saturday morning. We arrived just before lunch and set off the alarm. Ooops. We called and got the right code and the peace of the area returned. The alarm co. was contacted and they didn't send us the police. Fewf. That was the only glitch of the week-end. Mostly we ate, watch Vanessa get into trouble, watch the hockey game and took a late night soak in the hot tub.
I prepared a menu that would make Eric happy and everyone else loved it. A lot of it was prepared in advance and nothing complicated up there. Just good wholesome summer foods. Eric requested steak for dinner so that's what we had. Steak, asparagus and home-made oven fries. We made them with huge CP potatoes. Mmm... they were tasty.
The chalet was on 3 floors. We brought two gates but were only able to install one of them. Vanessa had a great time with all the attention because we couldn't leave her out of site for a second. We went out for a walk around the property with her in the sling. My plan was to sit her in the leaves to play but there were dozens of piles of deer poop. I decided that it wasn't a good idea since she still puts so much in her mouth. Yuck.
Everyone had a fantastic time. Although I was exhausted after planning and shopping for the food and then running after Vanessa all week-end. At least she slept though the night and even had a little nap. She was a much more lively person after the nap and so were we. We definitely plan to go back but haven't really set a date. The next time we go the group will have grown by 1 or two more babies. Next summer will be a crazy riot!

Again here are some pictures. Can't do anything without pictures.


  1. Depends on when we go. If we go this summer it will be only a Beaudet baby. If we go in November, there will also be a Colby baby. (Vanessa's cousin)