Monday, April 21, 2008

Dairy Queen

As everyone knows, Vanessa's daddy is obsessed with Dairy Queen ice cream. You can always twist my arm to go. Hopefully we'll go a little less often this year. ;-) We held off giving Vanessa ice cream until it was warm enough for her to go wild on he own DQ cone.
This week was gorgeous so Pamela came over and suggested DQ and we all went out for dessert. Mmmm... Vanessa was really unsure at first. Must have been the cold sensation or maybe the fact that it was a big blob being shoved in her face. She got the hang of it and even held it herself with interest. I thought she was pretty impartial until I cleaned up the dripping mess with my tongue and she burst into tears. It very rare she throughs a fit so she must have really loved it.
Here are a few moments Eric captured.

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