Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We're trying to teach Vanessa some words and signs. We never know which one she'll use first. She doesn't watch much TV but when we need to cut her nails or when she can't sleep due to a cold we put on her Baby Einstein. She's memorised. It goes through basic words and the signs for them.
Over a month ago we were playing in her room and I could hear her say. Hats Hats Hats over and over so I asked. Hats? wondering if she was just babbling or saying with meaning. She looked at me and tapped her hand on her head. That's the sign for hat. So we have our first word! A week or two after that she saw a picture of herself wearing a hat and did the sign. Very exciting.
She practices words. Tries them out. I think I've picked out. Shoes....shuz and book but it's not convincing. Yesterday we watched the video and she tried some new words. Bowl and Kitchen she tried to verbalize. She's now working on the sign for Table. I don't know if she knows what a table is yet but soon enough. We're working on milk so she can tell me when she's thirsty.
She says mumumumum but finally I think it's Mommy and food.
It's all so exciting. Ohh and she still shakes her head for No when she's done something we don't approve of. Usually dropping food on the floor. :-)

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