Sunday, February 11, 2007

Picture update

Today is Christina's birthday. I spent the day with both of my sisters. It was very relaxed. We had lunch and put up the rest of the border on the wall. Here's a picture of the room. Eric got up early to replace the plugs in the room and the switch and all the hinges. Makes it look really nice and clean.

Next for the room are some blinds and a carpet. The floor is pretty cold and it's echos quite a bit still.

Daddy, this picture is for you. MJ says they're your favorite. They were tasty. I think MJ made them so she could get a double boiller. hehehe. She made a yummy turkey dinner. Every one "gobbled" it down. ;-)


  1. What are they? I'm guessing some kind of lemon custard filled something?

  2. they're vanilla cupcakes with lemon custard in them.