Saturday, February 10, 2007

This week I heard from my "Support Mom" assigned to me from the CLSC. She's great! She's very bubbly and is very interested in what I'm going through and ensures that I don't have any questions. She was going to the breast feeding clinic and was wanting to meet me. Since I had the day off, I went to see what it's about. I learned about breast feeding and got comfortable with the moms there. Every second week they have a new topic to discuss and you can always go in and get assistance with breast feeding. I am so lucky that this clinic is walking distance.
I got to talk to another couple that was in the pre-natal class that just had their baby. I was so excited for them. I saw the beautiful baby boy. How very small!

I did a little shopping. After seeing everyone in the class with a zip up shirt at the class, I went out and bought a zip up kangaroo top and some pants. Since capris seem to be in, I didn't need to turn any of them up. I'm now all dressed to lounge at home with the baby. Still looking for a house coat. I also splurged and bought curtains for our bedroom. They were exactly what I was looking for and half price! They're a burnt orange velvet. I can't wait to put them up.

I picked Eric up at work and we went to "Club Tissue". IMO the only fabric store worth going to. We bought foam for the cradle and plastic covering. They had exactly what we were looking for and we didn't have to buy a huge piece. We bought exactly the foam we needed. On the way home I called Christine and asked her to come over with her electric knife. We planned for this morning. I called Jo-Anne(soon to be known as Grandma) and asked her for some help with the cover.

This morning Chris came over and we cut out a pattern for the foam and then cut out the foam. The electric knife works wonders. We made the mattress in 3 pieces. Jo-Anne came over to investigate what I had to make the covering since she was going to make it for me.

We went over to her house and she made us lunch! We supported her while she sewed a plastic cover for the foam. She did a fabulous job. The top lays beautifully. We designed it like a pillow sham with a slit in the middle of the back to put in the foam. We even alowed for the piece of wood that sticks out on the stern. Since the foam only goes in one way, we thought that would be best and we wouldn't need to fuss with a zipper. This will keep the foam nice and dry for many babies to come. We took a mattress pad from a crib and cut it down to size for the cradle and re-affixed the elastics that hold it on. Jo-Anne took a pattern of the mattress and she will make some sheets and I will go out and buy two more mattress pads. My parents will be so excited that she did the cradle justice but like the cradle it was a work of love and a one shot deal. (lots of work).
Tomorrow I will take pictures of the baby's room but here's the cradle for now. Here's a glimps of some of the wall paint in the baby's room.

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