Sunday, October 01, 2006

16th week

I'm in my 16th week of pregnancy and things are going pretty well. I need to adjust my eating habits. I went from eating because it was good for me to a bottomless stomach. I went to the grocery store to buy some healthy snacks. How does this sound? Apples, grapes, applesauce, fruit cups, gorp, cheese and crackers. That should help reduce the trips to the vending machine which only has chips and chocolate bars.
Tuesday was a really big day for my budding family. Eric and I went to my doctor's appointment. We were so excited since we were going to try and hear the heartbeat. I laid down in the exam room while Eric waited in the open door. The doctor took a little while to find the heart beat we all listened closely. The doctor found our baby's heartbeat. What a little miracle. She kept telling me that all the rustling sounds was the baby moving and that the baby had the hiccups. Very active little one with a personality. I'm really not sure how common hiccups are.
Eric and I have decided to paint and decorate the baby's room. I let him choose the theme. He chose Winnie the Pooh. At least there is a lot available with that theme. We'll have no troubles finding accessories or ideas.
That's all folk!

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