Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nothing too exciting

This week was really long. I got a cold. yuck! Since I'm pregnant, I can't take anything for it. I took a day off work. The cold is going around the office so I only took one day. At the end of the week, someone showed up at my desk with a box and asked me to pack up my stuff. We moved to the 17th floor of our building. It's much brighter there since it's more open and we get direct sunlight. I also got a new chair. It's much nicer. I just have to figure out how to adjust it.
Eric has been a busy bee. The front hall is almost done. It's been enlarged with a new front door. New moldings and lots of plaster and paint. This week we will be able to hang our coats in there. Yippy! I get my living room back and the guest bed.

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