Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I have some really big news to post. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and my due date is St-Patrick's day. We've had very mixed reactions to our news from "It's about time!" to speechless and complete shock. Everyone has been very supportive. The future Dad has been amazing. He's had to put up with me. Things have been going well. No morning sickness yet but I've been pretty exhausted. Eric's been doing almost all of the cooking. OK all of the cooking. It's been great. I've been told that in the next couple of weeks I should get my appetite back. That should make both of us happy.
At this stage of the game things progress slowly. Things seem a little surreal since I haven't put on any weight. That's to be expected since there's already enough to go around. Although I've already had to schedule 5 doctors appointments. I know. I know that's just the beginning. I'm glad that they are all close by.
I will try and keep everyone up on the details but for now it's waite and see.


  1. Hooray it is public info now!!!! I'm excited and will be waiting for all the updates you are willing to offer :)

  2. Christina9:44 am

    Im gonna be an Auntie.. WOOOHOO! So much potential for corruption! (opps did i type that?)

    That child is going to be sooo loved.

  3. Patricia10:53 am

    Yay!! Welcome to a whole new world, it is quite the trip but nothing will ever compare. I'm still trying to get over the surrealness of it all and I've had close to a year to adjust.