Sunday, October 08, 2006

This week-end was beautiful. We spent it shopping and driving. It seemed like everyone was on the road this week-end including the police. Some people shopping or picking apples or picking pumpkins or visiting family or just out for a drive.

Saturday morning we made our first baby purchases. We went to a bazaar that had only baby and child things. I got a little snow blind. Soooo many things to think about. Eric says it was 10 minutes when I said I had enough. We saw many very nice things. We came out with an Umbrella stroller (tall enough for us), a Snugli and a vibrating bouncer which lots of people say is the "must have" item. Eric picked out the Snugli. The box says it's 18 years old. I don't think it's ever been used. It's made of corduroy so it looks really warm.

Eric, of course, saw people there he know. A family we know from curling at Glenmore. They were there with their 2 girls. They thought our purchases were very wise.

We drove out to S.A.I.L. and I bought some Keen shoes I will get away with wearing at work. In style and comfort.

Eric and I did some house cleanning and yard work. We picked up Christina and went to Walmart. We didn't get anything too exciting. Priced winter tires and I picked up some socks and toilet paper while Christina bought a larger fish tank so her fish could get more excersize.
We dropped Eric off to work and went to the mall. We went back to "Motherhood" . I finally found some pants I really liked. I bought a dressy cargo pant. (just trust me) and Christina bought me some Jeans. Yippy! I just looked at the T-Shirts online and I think I'll buy them there. They're really reasonable and the selection is much better than the store.

We were going to make roasted chicken for dinner but the chicken had not defrosted so onto plan B. We had speghetti with sauce that Eric's little brother's mother made. Mmmmm... Christina made apple crisp at my house while I took a nap. Eric had already peeled and cored the apples but I was still greatful. We had it with vanilla ice cream.

Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving.

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