Saturday, May 06, 2006

Trip to Burlington

Saturday morning we got up bright and early (for us) and set out to go to Burlington for the day. It was a beautiful day. We invited Jo-Anne to tag along. Good thing she's an early riser on the week-end we didn't mind calling at 7:30. We drove down with our iPod on. iPods make the trip shorter. We went straight to RackWharehouse. They had a bike rack there that was more than 100$ cheaper than anywhere else even counting the tax and exchange. We bought out all of their one in stock put it on the car and left. I begged Eric to stop for breakfast. We went to Friendly's. This reminded me how spoiled we are in Montreal with quality food especially breakfasts. We went to two books stores, EMS and Magic Hat Brewery. All lots of fun. Too bad it rained on my favorite part of Burlington. Walking down the outdoor mall isn't so fun in the rain. Doesn't inspire window shopping. We drove home in the rain and Eric dropped us off and then went off to Becket.
Since Mommy was off to a Guiding week-end, we invited Daddy over for Szechwan. It was take-out and I gave Christina the wrong number to order so we ended up with a lot of very spicy food with mostly shrimp. Everyone seemed to like what they were given especially Eric who had a huge serving the next day.

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