Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mechanically inclined friends

This morning I found out the rack that I went all the way down to Burlington, VT to buy is too short for my bike. I was very upset and was wanting to go to rackultra to send back sell my new rack. According to their site they do not open on Sundays. I decided to not sweat the small stuff and go for a ride since there was nothing wrong with my bike... little did I know. I did about 17kms on my bike and loved every minute of it. I rode down the bike path behind our house and found a new park. It's a huge green space with a lake in it. Very well taken care of and a friendly amount of traffic. I saw another 'bent there. Nothing like mine. Another woman my age getting exercise. She looked like she was having fun too. I met Eric at the house for lunch since he was out on his bike too but with Joel. He did a lot more KMs than I did but I'm still building muscles.
We went off to Paul and Murielle's for our annual car wash. It was sunny but crisp out. I showed off my bike and listened to Murielle's advice on Lebanese cooking. I learned a lot and the food was tasty.
I had everyone who wanted to try my bike. It was fun for all. Tim noticed that my handle bars were set up backwards. I didn't believe him but he ran inside and confirmed it online. We turned the neck around and now my bike is better than ever. The second day I got it I sheared off some of the threads in the steering and that was because it wasn't meant to go that way. What a relief that I wasn't to rough on my bike and I couldn't handle it.
Lets not forget Paul's suggestion. It saved me lots of money on a new bike rack. He suggested that when mounting my bike on the bike rack I turn the forks around. Genius! It gave me a few inches and now my tire sits on the rack. Yippy!

Come back soon. I've got more to post but I'm off to bed all this talking about biking has made me tired.

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