Monday, May 22, 2006

Oh. the memories

A couple of weeks ago I scanned in all the pictures that I owned. This only took me the afternoon because I did a fast job and there aren't that many. On Saturday Pamela was sending me picutres from Tofino and I sent back picutres from the same location but mine were about 8 years old.
I love this picture. It has not been edited at all. It has a vague Ansel Adams wannabe feel.
I found this great pic of Patricia. "all smiles" Jenny's there hiding in the shadows up at Wathikane.
See Laurel, I didn't forget you. How did you get Pamela to get her space tidy?
This is my great-grandfather on my fathers side. He's sporting the Aslin sweatshirt he got for Christmas. This is the last picture I have of him. I love this picture. He always looks so happy.

This picture is Sooo Pamela! She still looks the same.

Hope everyone enjoys my trip down memory lane


  1. - those pics are hilarious!

  2. Patricia9:36 am

    That certainly has me giggling on a Monday morning.