Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yamaska Park

A couple of weeks ago, Eric and I went to Yamaska Park for the long week-end. It's a very nice well maintained parc. It's features are camping, multi-use trails and resevoir with a nice beach.
The first night we were there it rained so we put up our new Costco tent. What a nice tent. Very roomy but takes a little longer that the previous one. We sat in the vestibule and hung out. What a nice feeling to hide from the bugs and rain without having to put the kitchen shelter up.

On Saturday, we went for a bike ride around the resevoir. It was a beautiful 20kms but the longest 20kms in my life. It was very hilly. There were signs with grade like 9% and to check your breaks but they made up for it by having the trail very well maintained crushed stone. We brought lunch and had it by the water. The weather was hazy but nice. It was a lovely day.
We had a great packed lunch and for dinner we made pasta with homemade pasta sauce. (no I didn't make it)
On Sunday we went for a ride to Grandby from the campsite. It was also a nice ride but mostly paved and way off the streets. We coasted into town and Eric took his bike to the bike shop for a cleanning of his crank. Initially it had not been well greased and they openned it up and re-greased it. They did a great job. We were snacking near the river when I noticed a voice mail from Laurel. She was coming down with her familly to join us. She gave us plenty of lead time so we head back to camp with 1 hour to spare.
When they showed up, we walked over to the beach. It's too bad it was a little too cold to swim. Clara was dying to go in so we took off our shoes and walked in the water. It was pretty cold but refreshing. Leo on the other hand wasn't as impressed and hung out with Mom.
Clara talked a mile a minute and seemed to have a good time. We made her favoite food. Hot Dogs! yummy. I think Marc was disapointed that we didn't have a fire but maybe next time.
We were thrilled to see them all and had a blast.
On Monday we drove back the scenic way. It's so nice being under an hour away from home. We'll go back!

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