Sunday, April 30, 2006

19 KM today!

Today was awesome. I haven't had that much fun in a while. Eric had plans to play poker so I went to see MJ and Ron and make Mommy and Daddy dinner. I invited MJ and Ron to meet me half way. We met at the old Matco. What a tough ride. It was my first ride over 6 km and the wind was in my face and 'bents use whole new muscles. I loved every minute. It did feel like I was making a documentary with Ronald following. I hope to see his pictures soon.
Ronald set up my odometer and cadence. He did a great job. He even had some extra bits on hand to make it work. I do think I paid him back in bike time. Since this bike is so easy to adjust, I don't mind loaning it out. I think I should put one of those boomerangs on it though. *hehe*
There are so many adjustments that can be made on my bike. I'll be adjusting it for a couple of weeks I think. All the adjustments can be made with an allen key. I also need tires for these wheels just in case.

These pictures aren't bad but the video of MJ is great. Her first go at it. One day I'll learn how to upload them.

I made Mommy and Daddy dinner. It was pretty good but I think they were too tired to really enjoy it. The boat show was a great success. I think the best ever for them. Lots of good questions and great leads. They'll know in the next couple of weeks how good.

BTW Pamela seems to be settleing in really well. She's making friends already. Her place is great. She has a cell phone and I text message her pretty regularly. It's great fun.

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