Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Bike

Well after I was bitten by the recumbent bug. I went online to torture myself some more and look at bikes way out of my price range right now. I ran a new Google search and found a posting for a Burley Koosah . I'd been eyeing this bike online and at the Primeau Velo down the street. The guy was asking a fair price for a bike that was 2 years old so I sent him a message with an offer. He sent me a reply with his phone number that afternoon. He wanted to talk to me! We spoke on Sunday and made arrangements to meet today.
Eric and I went to see it today and I fell in love before I even rode it. When he said it was like new, he meant it. He'd added some nice accessories as you see in the pic kick stand, cooler bag with quick release, bike pump and a bottle holder. Not a scratch on it and the tires still had their little nobs sticking out. I took it out for a test ride. It needed some adjustment for my shorter legs and I still have more adjustments to make but it's perfect. Burley's are easy to fit to anyone in minutes. We took down some info and I bought my first recumbent bike!!! Couldn't have asked for a better deal! It was half I would have paid for a new one. He gave me all the paper work along with the picture below. The owner really loved his bike but found it was to hard to transport.

Look forward to many trips on my Koosah. I'll post as much as I can! I can ride with my camera round my neck. That's all for now. I'll ride it on the week-end and let you know.

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