Friday, April 21, 2006

Nice Sunny Friday

On Friday I had the day off so I dragged Chris over to Quetzal This guy rents recumbent bikes. It was awesome. A nice beautiful day and I learned very quickly what I liked and disliked. Under the seat stearing is not for me! I liked my legs angled down a little instead of straight in front of me. Oh and learning was hard. The four year old with a new pink bike was doing much better. I only rented for 1 hour but I was hooked and my legs were jelly. See Christine's site for pics of me on the rental.
We went back to my house to have middle eastern pitas. They were left overs from when Kay was over. They were delicious. Lots of flavour. Garlic-Onions-Mint Mmmm... cold or hot very excellent.

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