Saturday, April 01, 2006

food food food

Last week I had Kay over for dinner and made something new. Porcupine meat balls on Speghetti squash. I remeber haveing porcupine meat balls as a kid but I've never made them myself. They were pretty easy to make and very tasty. Definenately, comfort food.
Eric got leftovers. He called me from work to tell me how good it was.

On the week-end Christina and I went to Atwater market. I bought some sausages. Deer for Eric and OrangeGinger for me. They were very hot so I put sweet pepper jelly on them to cool them down. Mmmm. They were very tasty. I brought Christina to Loblaws and she bought steaks for everyone for dinner since they were nice and on sale. She came over for dinner that night and Eric bbq'd them. Eric had noticed that Dairy Queen was openned 2 weeks before so we went for desert.

On the Sunday I went over to Kays for an afternoon bbq. It was fun. I rode over there on my bike for the first time. Now I remember why bike shorts are so important. The day was nice and sunny so we hung out on her deck. The ride home wasn't as warm. I froze my finger tips off. (i forgot my gloves)

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