Sunday, March 12, 2006

What a great week-end. We kicked it off Friday night by going to McKibbins. Met up with some friends and had some great food. Too bad the service sucked. Kay and I went over to Chapters. I looked for some biking books of NY state and didn't find one of the 15 I was looking for but Kay left with a handfull of things. Good for her! I think I'm going to have to go to the states to look at the books I want.
While we were out living it up, Christina was packing. We picked up the rental truck Saturday morning and helped her move. By 1:30, we were all done. We had 2 hand carts and no stairs at her appartment. That helped a lot. Everything went off without a hitch. It was a beautiful day especially when the sun peaked from between the clouds.
We went back to my parents for lunch and for Christina to freshen up. I had to drop Eric at work since one of his employees smelled like skunk. For real! After Christina had a shower, I brought her back to her new apartment and we put her bed together and put up some curtains. We went out for dinner at General Taos. MMMmmm... Christina ordered extras so she could have left overs. We brought her back to the appartment to settle in. I went home and tried to read my book. That lasted about 15 minutes before I fell asleep at 8:30. We were all very tired.
Today I went over in the morning and helped Christina with another set of curtains, moved some furniture around, assembled a table and put up her shower curtain. Best of all I gave her internet connection until the videotron guy comes on Tuesday. Mommy and Daddy also came over. Mommy set up Christina's kitchen. Eric put up the last of her curtains. Daddy helped where we asked. Christina can live comfortably in her new home. She still has a few more boxes but nothing urgent. Her place is quite large and sunny. She should be very happy there.

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  1. Anonymous3:10 am

    hey there! looks like you had a good time! I got more of the pics of the move from you than from Stina... 1 day to wait to see if i have the job!!!! cross everything for me. ;) pam