Monday, March 06, 2006

Shop 'till you drop.

Yippy Christina has finally found a home of her own. She signed the lease last Saturday and she's moving in this Saturday! We are all very excited for her. The location is perfect. 15 min walk to Panama so it doesn't really matter as much her shift. Too bad her office is moving to Cote-de-Liesse. It still won't be so bad and she'll be on the shore to visit everyone.

We had a beautiful week-end. Lots of fun in the sun. Earlier this week, Jo-Anne had decided to price toaster ovens with convection and Christina told me she would be needing a stove for her new apartment so I volunteered to go with Jo-Anne and price stoves for her. There sure are a lot of options. It's really hard to compare but I gave her my suggestion and it looks like she's going to take it. We did 7 stores before Jo-Anne found what she liked best and jumped on it. It's a Black and Decker that does everything she was looking for and more at a great price. We found it at Canadian Tire. We went in there to buy a spring for the back windsheild wiper and to look at ice skates for me. We found everything we were looking for. One stop shopping!

Jo-Anne and I picked Christina up at the bus and took her to sign the lease and take a sneak peak at the apartment. Mommy and Daddy also showed up. It was a good thing because pip squeak left her cheques at home. Landlords sure like checks when you sign on the doted line.
The apartment is perfect for her. There's lot of light in the afternoon but probably not the morning. Very nice for sleeping in in the summer. It has 2 bedrooms and has been freshly painted and varnished. The kitchen is workable and she has a large living room but cozy dining area. There's a patio outside where we suggested she have a pic-nic table. Harder to steal in her open patio then patio furniture.

That night Christina, Mommy and Daddy came over for Benny. At CT Jo-Anne bought Eric a tool bag. He was so excited that he went downstairs before dinner was finished and filled it with toys to take to Tim and Chris'. He went over that evening to help them out. He's sure having a good time in their kitchen.

Sunday we did a little cleaning and groceries. Eric took my new skates to be sharpened while I made dinner. We met Heidi in the Old Port and went skating at Bonsecour basin. It was a fabulous day and lot of fun. We went round and round. Eric showed off with his skating ability.
We went back to the house. When we walked in we got a whiff of dinner. I had put on pot roast in the slow cooker and Eric put bread on to be ready by 6pm. What a luxury to walk into the house with everything tidy and a home cooked dinner ready. I showed Heidi my UK video we had appetizer and then had a nice dinner with wine and everything. I didn't get around to making desert so we had chocolate shot glasses with liqueur. Very nice finish to an evening.

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