Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm all 'bent up

Hi! Thought I'd post a little something.

There's been nothing too interresting. I usually like winter but this year has drainned me and I've already started planning for the summer. Last summer Eric and I started cycling. We enjoyed it a lot. It got us out doing something physical and in the outdoors visiting new places or seeing old ones from a new angle.

We're going to keep that up this summer. We're in the process of planning a trip to Western New York State. The cycling is suppose to be great and the Rail-Trails make it even better. We're going to camp and cycle. I've checked out the camping online and it looks promissing.

One of the reasons we're heading out that way is that The Bicycle Man is there. He has a very large selection of recumbent bikes. The Koosah from Burley is the recumbent I'm very interrested in. These bikes are a large investment and even though The Bicycle Man store is almost 8 hours away, it's worth the visit. Whether I buy a bike or not, the trip will be enjoyable with the great campsites and bike routes. I have found Koosah at my local bike store but I want to try it out and compare to others. Montreal is very limited in the selection. The Bicycle Man has 50 different models I can try out. I'm looking forward to the trip. Too bad it's not until June.
I now finish at 6pm. I was so excited on Monday to see a small hint of lingering daylight on my way home. Soon!!! we'll be eating out in the gazebo and BBQing on a regular basis.

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