Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wednesday. Off to York

This morning I took the train to York to visit the sites. Once I got off the train I saw signs for the Railway museum. I went to check it out. The admission was free and the exhibit was large. I walked around for a few hours and took pictures. Most of the trains we from the Royal family. They were personal carages that the royalty would travel in.

I went into town for lunch. I ordered Sheppard's pie. Not what I expected but it was ok. I found out what garden peas are. They're whole peas as opose to peas all mashed called mushy peas. I have yet to see that but doesn't seem appetizing.
I walked around and around town. Even after buying a map I couldn't locate the The Opera House. I asked for some directions and the very nice guy escorted me. It seems I was going the wrong way. Ooops. If they had street signs that would really help.
I met Pamela at the theatre. She had a rougher time finding the place. She was given the wrong directions. She did however show up on time for the show.
We went in and watched Blood Brothers. It was pretty good. We all jumped at the gun shots in the show and there was a lot of sniffling.
We walked back to the train station. It was about 5 blocks and faster than the bus or a taxi. We took the train home and missed the last bus so we took a taxi home. 6 £ from downtown. Pretty good.

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